About Me

 I Lakisha Hambrick, am  the founder of Angels of Light Single Parent Support Group. 

What inspired me to start this non-profit organization is the fact that I , myself, am a single parent with three amazing children of my own and I know firsthand  parenting on your own can be a long, hard road. In my own journey, I searched for programs that supported single parents but I couldn't find one. 

My son was going through a lot not having a father in the home and I found it hard relate to his unique struggles  as a male child at times because I am not a man. Sometimes I struggled with understanding what he needed as he began to become a man himself. The only programs I could find were ones for boys that already had become apart of the legal system or had been in trouble with the law at least one time. Nothing was set up to help keep boys out of trouble and save them from becoming another statistic in the judicial system.

My girls we're easy for me cause I could relate to them a lot more but challenges still existed as they wanted to do things that I just couldn't afford. As a result of those experiences, I vowed to find ways to help other parents as these things really hurt me because they were good children and I wanted to be able to do those things for them as they deserved it.  I found myself falling short of providing for them and trying to meet their needs. At one point, CPS threatened to take my children from my care because I couldn't afford childcare and I was leaving them home alone to work, in order to make ends meet and to keep a roof over our heads. We have even experienced being homeless and living in my truck a couple times while I was raising them.


Because I was able to survive and come out on the other side of these experiences stronger and more informed, I now want to give low-income single parents and children the hope, love, and support that I was looking for on my journey. All of this is how Angels of Light SPSG came about. Come join us and be apart of making a difference in the lives of these families that are in need.

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