What We Do

Positive Affirmation

You are Loving, Caring, Kind, Brilliant, Special, Peaceful, Joyful, Amazing, Awesome, Talented, and Blessed Beyond Measure. You’ve Got This, Make Today Great, Dream Big, and Sparkle Everyday.

Parenting Classes

Empowerment is Angels of Light’s main focus, because we understand that raising children alone is not easy. We offer parenting classes to help improve your knowledge, give a refreshing outlook and perhaps a different perception on parenting. We provide information to ensure the support of all families involved.

Empowering Parents

Angels of Light SPSG build strong relationships with our clients, and we do follow-ups. Our clients and their well-being is very important us, so we make sure that they know they not only have the support they need, but that they are our family as well. We believe in having a good strong family environment, and that’s what we create for each one of our clients.